Marketing Strategy

CPG enables clients to go to market with superior knowledge, identify the best opportunities for their businesses, and use data effectively to make decisions that improve results. We use our industry expertise and knowledge to design and develop comprehensive marketing programs that show a true understanding of customer needs, market dynamics, and the competitive environment. Our areas of expertise include:

Marketing Transformation

In successful organizations Marketing has transformed from a communications function to a value creation function for customers, colleagues, and the firm itself. This shift requires a total rethink in terms of marketing capabilities, with strategic thinking and a command of finance and analytics being imperative. The goal of Marketing Transformation is to maximize the strategic importance of Marketing in value creation, customer management and resource management in financial institutions. CPG helps clients refine, redesign and reorganize their marketing capabilities via an assessment of marketing department goals, organizational structure, roles and responsibilities. The outcome of Marketing Transformation is an efficient marketing machine dedicated to serving all constituencies with ROI-positive marketing programs.

Marketing Strategy

CPG helps clients create a well-thought-out marketing plan and strategy that aligns with corporate objectives, resonates with all stakeholders and creates quantifiable, concrete metrics. CPG begins with the assessment and definition of target customer segments to build out a plan that attracts, retains and deepens relationships with your most important customers. In addition, CPG has deep expertise in product and program design to help your institution create the best and most profitable product set for its target customer segments. Like all good strategy, the marketing strategy and plan is tied back to institutional goals such as increasing deposits, achieving household growth targets and meeting revenue generation goals.

Marketing Services

In addition to Marketing Transformation and Strategy services, CPG offers a vast range of marketing capabilities:

  • Value Proposition & Brand Development
  • Market & Competitor Analytics
  • Segmentation & Lead Generation Services
  • Geographic Segment Penetration & Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Customer Analytics
  • Product and Bundle Development, Pricing Models & Testing
  • Customer Onboarding Programs
  • Sales and Marketing Linkages & Programs
  • Proprietary Market Research
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Programs
  • Marketing Spend Optimization & ROI Analysis

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“Strategy is about focus. Execution is about accountability, Get both right, and you win.”

Mary Beth Sullivan
Managing Partner, Capital Performance Group