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Core Deposit Growth

The Challenge Today

Core deposits are once again taking center stage as a critical strategic challenge for many financial institutions, and growing core deposits is not going to be easy. Most institutions will feel the need for core funding at exactly the same time, resulting in a rather rapid increase in rates and ramp up of marketing and sales activities. Even for seasoned bankers, it’s been so long since the deposit growth “muscle” has been exercised that it likely needs to be rehabilitated. Finally, consumers and media have changed considerably since the last cycle, so strategies that worked in the past are not necessarily going to be as effective this time around.

Now is the time to get a lot more focused on core deposits. And CPG can help.  We’ve been working with clients to identify high-potential, low-risk initiatives to grow core deposits through a three-step, cost-effective, and fast process. CPG’s Deposit Growth Sprint.


Customer Relationship Growth

The traditional community and regional financial institution business model is under attack – especially for the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers.  On one side sits large national banks with dominant technology, convenience, and brand awareness.  On the other, financial technology solutions continue to proliferate so fast that it’s nearly impossible for management to ponder the relevance and potential impact of each.

The Problem: Low Rates of Growth in New Customers and Falling Profitability

Many banks and credit unions remain trapped in product and transactional thinking and haven’t made the transition to a focus on customer relationships – and building unique value that motivates prospects to choose you, refer you, and do more business with you.  A customer relationship model is more scalable and efficient than a silo-based product model – and helps the company build positive operating leverage.  Acquisition cost is reduced, more sales are made to the same customer, attrition is reduced, and sales are made across lines of business.

The Solution: CPG’s Customer Growth Sprint

Financial Services Research Practical

We employ sophisticated analytical models, extensive research capabilities, and deep industry knowledge to help our clients arrive at more informed decisions. Our in-house research capabilities and expertise augmented by university-affiliated data scientists enable us to conduct sophisticated data analytics and to provide practical interpretation. Our research capabilities allow us to:

  • Conduct issue-based research germane to the financial services industry
  • Perform research on potential impact of proposed legislative and regulatory initiatives
  • Provide litigation support research and reports
  • Offer expert witness services

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