Top Performing Credit Unions

CPG also ranked the financial performance of credit unions with over $1 billion in assets, based on 2016 return on average assets (ROA). The five credit unions with the highest ROA are shown below.

Top performing credit unions were defined as those institutions that generated an ROA in the top quartile. The top performing credit unions separated themselves from the pack by generating higher levels of revenue. The top performers grew members, loans, and share balances at a faster rate than their peers. This helped the group grow revenue at a median rate of almost 13%.

Interestingly, the top performing group had a higher median noninterest expense to average assets ratio and a higher median growth rate in expenses compared to the overall group. These expenses were more than offset by impressive revenue growth, enabling the top performing credit unions to operate at lower efficiency ratios and attain ROAs of greater than 1.00%.

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